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Zambezi Valley

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If the average person was asked about the , how many
would actually have anything to say? From all the places I have been in the
world, the stands out most in my mind. The mighty Zambezi River
forms the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia as they lie on the maps in our
libraries. Few people have been graced the opportunity to be in the presence of
this majestic silver python as it carves away at the crust of our earth. There
is no better way to experience this natural wonder than by organizing an
expedition and venturing into the unknown wilderness of the "Dark Continent" for
memories that will last you a lifetime. Unfortunately these days you have to do
it through a Safari company that will charge you an arm and a leg for a week
long tour, only skimming the surface and not taking you into the darkest of
Africa of which you have read in so many adventure novels. Traveling is a very
stimulating hobby, but Africa is part of me.
Darkness overcame all as Mother Earth turned her back on the center of
our solar system. In the heart of Africa everything is sleeping, or so you are
meant to think. The ruler of that kingdom is patrolling his territory in
absolute silence. His bushy black mane casts a shadow in the pale moonlight.
Eyes like those of an eagle penetrate the darkest shadows of the bush. The soft
gray pads of his paws tread along the game path barely leaving any evidence of
his presence. The great beast strides graciously along before disappearing into
black night. He will soon find either a dense thicket or some tall Buffalo
grass swaying back and forth on the rhythm of the early morning breeze where he
can lay his giant body down and get some rest. Stars begin to fade as a
mysterious yellow glow takes their place in the East. The bush is coming to
life. Birds are singing their songs of joy and hippos are snorting out of pure
pleasure for a new day has come. This will be a day where the fight for survival
takes over like an uncontrollable urge, nevertheless, little is known as to who
should be feared. Should it be the predators lurking around, wanting to fill
their own stomachs, or will it be the natives searching for food in the land on
which they have lived for thousands of years. Remember that ...

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