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In 1876 a French scientist by the name of Louis Pasteur found something that would make college students eternally grateful of his scientific knowledge. He discovered that played an important part in making beer. Since then has been used in not only the production of beer, but also wine and the most commonly known, bread.
belongs to a group of very simple organisms commonly referred to as fungi, but the scientific name is Saccharomyces Cerevisia. Fungi exist nearly everywhere on the planet, including the air. There are over 473 species of known today. This massive overtake of fungi could be due to the fungi's rapid reproduction rate. They reproduce by a process called fission which is also referred to as budding. During budding the cell wall swells in order to create a new bud. This newly created bud then breaks off from the original cell to become an independent cell.
is most commonly known to reproduce asexually or reproduce self-fertile. Some produce sexually, but that is only a very minuet number. The most reproduction is created in substances containing much sugar. For some reason or another, this appeals most to the , causing it to grow at a rapid rate.
Just like any other organism, in order for to survive they need to have a significant amount of nutrition. Unlike plants, lacks the chlorophyll needed to create its own food. It feeds on the sugar of many different resources to stay alive. Some of the most popular are different fruits and nectars. Also, molasses seems to be a prime choice as the feeding ground for .

When the yeast has finished retrieving nutrients from the sugars, it produces enzymes which are used in many different ways. Some yeast break down sugar in alcohol. This is what is known as fermentation.

Fermentation is heavily involved in the creation of not only beer, but wine and bread as well. Bakers add yeast to the dough in order to make the dough rise. However the feat is done with the help of many other substances other than the yeast, but the yeast does play a huge role in the creation of bread. The flour added to the bread dough provides only a small amount of sugar for the yeast ...

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