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Writing An Interpretive Essay

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Interpret: when you interpret something you're trying to unravel its meaning. To find a meaning.

Interpretive essay:

You start it with a theme. Pick out important words.

"Strange fits of passions have I known.." By William Wordsworth. Imp words: urgency, journey, death, worry, remembrance, telling, dreaming, moon, Lucy, lovers, summer, focus. .descriptive words; rose, cottage, night, orchard, horse, nature.

Main focus: The Moon. . There's an oddness to the end.

Poem is a ballad: about love/romance. Usually tells a story.

An interpretation can't be right or wrong. It's not a solution, more like an opinion.

How are the ideas connected?

Moon:: its goes through phases. It waxes and wanes. Sometimes it's not there, sometimes completely absent and sometimes, full. It's a marker of time. Marker of night. Distant/remote, we can see it but never touch it, etc., moon is passionate. He is definitely pursuing the moon. Nighttime: mystery, emotions. Birth, rebirth. Moon is never the same, it is constantly changing. Sun is always the same. Moon is like a female because of the factor ...

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