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World War Two

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Despite what many might think, World War Two is well known across hundreds of nations all over the world. World War Two has been around for several centuries and has a very important meaning in the lives of many. It would be safe to assume that World War Two is going to be around for a long time and have an enormous impact on the lives of many people.

Social & Cultural Factors

World War Two has a large role in American Culture. Many people can often be seen taking part in activities associated with World War Two. This is partly because people of most ages can be involved and families are brought together by this. Generally a person who displays their dislike for World War Two may be considered an outcast.

Economic Factors

It is not common practice to associate economics with World War Two. Generally, World War Two would be thought to have no effect on our economic situation, but there are in fact some effects. The sales industry associated with World War Two is actually a 2.3 billion dollar a year industry and growing each year. The industry employs nearly 150,000 people in the United States alone. It would be safe to say that World War Two play ...

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