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Working Through Disappointment

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Throughout time, people have had to deal with tragedies. Disappointment is part of life, whether it is due to the loss of a bet or the loss of a loved one. There is no doubt about it disappointment is everywhere. When times become rough it is in the way a person deals with their problems that can prolong the disappointment or even make it go away. I have had at least three times in my life where I have been the one in the disappointing situation, and I have found that keeping a positive frame of mind is the only way to attempt to work through a true tragedy.
At the age of thirteen I was on vacation with my parents and I wanted nothing more than to enjoy the sun and fun or Florida. I would wake up early and walk every morning with my Grandfather on the beach, at night we all would go out to dinner come home to the condo and watch movies till we fell asleep. Everything was going accordingly until one night my Grandfather became sick. He was taken to the hospital and put into critical condition. The disappointment of this situation was taking its toll on the whole family; moreover the tension building was taking away from the real problem, my Grandfather. I thought long and hard, and I felt like the disappointment was beginning to bog me down. I made a vow to myself that no matter how bad thing would get I wouldn't let the disappointment do to me, what it did to the rest of my family. I spent the next two days going to see my grandfather. I threw myself totally into deep thinking, mostly about all the good times we shared. I did not let the bad in this situation get to me. He passed away two more days later, but I had made my peace with him. It was one of the hardest times that I had to face, but I focused on spending the last few days with him, instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off, like the rest of my family. I kept a clear head and I dealt with it, I feel, much better than the majority of the people in my family.
The second time I had to deal with a big disappointment was with my stepfather. He had been one of my greatest friends until he turned to alcohol. My mother was angry, hot headed, and edgy. My twin sister, Alyssa, became totally numb to the situation. I on the other hand dealt with this disappointment very calmly. I tried to talk with him, when he became violent, I did what I had to do, but I was always calm. I would not let my emotions get the better of my judgment, unlike my mother. In the end, when I knew that no matter what I did he would not stop I had to think of the best thing to do for us all. After a particularly bad night I gathered my mom and my sister together and even though I was physically shaken I did not let my disappointment cloud my judgment. I told my mom that it was in the best interest of us all to ask my Stepfather to leave. My mother became erratic. I knew that it was the situation, and not I, getting the best of her. I stayed calm and talked it out ...

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