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Women's Role In Today's Society

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Social Issues

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After centuries of conforming to female stereotypes created by men, women are slowly taking control of their own image making. Image of being equal to the men and being able to face the reality of life on their own, without men's support. Within the short story 'The Harp', written by Carol Shields, the author gives us a clear example of a woman, who is faced with the reality of life. Living away from home and independently from a man, and her family, the heroine of the story acquires self-reliance and takes a personal interest in the problems of existence.
To examine the written works in light of how the attitude toward women shape their roles, it is necessary to understand the history as well as the present. In the early decades, the social role assigned to the women is that of serving an image, authoritative and central, of man: a woman at first and foremost a daughter, a mother/ a wife (Feldman 7). The man was the one who protected the family from poverty and provided with all the great needs. Mark Feighen Fasteau once said that:
[T]he male machine is a special kind of being, different
from women, children and men who don't measure up. He is
functional, designed mainly for work. He is programmed
to tackle jobs, override obstacles, attack problems, overcome
difficulties, and always seize the offensive. He will take
on any task that can be presented to him in a competitive
framework and his most important positive reinforcement
is victory. (Warhol 40)

The long Revolutionary War, which touched the lives of many people, naturally had a significant effect on American women. [T]he departure of so many men to fight in the Patriot armies left wives, mothers, sisters and daughters in charge of farms and businesses. Some women handled these tasks with great success. (Brinnley 171) The change made women understand that cooking and taking care of the family are not the only things that they are capable of doing. This led them to believe that they can be just like men.
Flore Tristam, French feminist, once proposed her idea of the future of women. She said: 'The declaration of the rights of women will soon pass into custom, from custom into law, and before twenty-five years pass you will then see inscribed in front of the book of laws: The Absolute Equality ...

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