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Women's Gender Role

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Social Issues

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Throughout history, women have been labeled as inferior to men. But as years go by, women have been trying to climb up the ladder to equalize themselves with men. Women have accomplished a lot, but there is still more that needs to be done. In order to better understand women's strive for equality, it is necessary to examine the past history of women, women's present status, and what is still being done to change the discrimination of women.
In the past, women were traditionally supposed to stay at home while their husbands went to work. Once it was considered ok for women to go into the workforce, they were supposed to hold a traditional job, such as a secretarial job. Women in the past were viewed as weak and incompetent compared to the knowledge and power of men. With the help of the National Organization for Women (NOW) which was founded in 1966, women have been able to take a step up. NOW helped promote the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution and they are still continuing their efforts.
Presently, women are supposed to have the same rights as men, but they are still often discriminated against. The numbers of women who have entered ...

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