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Women Were Like Pearl In The Oyster

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Women is the source of creation and embodiment of life.she is the wife who sacrifices everything for love,the mother of unfathomable love,the daughter suppressed and denied her rights.yet she seeks new horizons.she gives birth to life itself.yet women have always experienced injustice.they are the weaker vessel in a male dominated society,an object to glorify men.women are hardly regarded as individuals.The society dictates to her the life she is to lead.women are trapped in an impasse,progress is impossible.

In recent times,the position of women in society has begun to change slowly and steadily.women have dared to break free from the folds of a corrupt society.this process was tentative at first,like a crab emerging from a protective shell.for example,DPT member karma lhamo.Mp of mongar dzongkhag has ...

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