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Women In South Asia

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As I read over each short story of Rabindranath Thakur, I found out Indian women's struggle in Indian society. It was very interesting to me because the same type of struggle appears in my home country, South Korea. Indian and Korean women have similar suffering in their own society. It seems like, in most traditional society, women generally were at a disadvantage.
In the short story, "The Punishment", the two selfish ignorant brothers' behavior against their wives was unspeakable. It made me really upset. This story shows the weakness of men and mistreatment of women. Chhidam tried to send over his brother's crime to his wife. He said that he could get another wife, but since he has only one brother, his wife should sacrifice for his brother. I think Chhidam's idea was socially and morally wrong. Chhidam's wife had to die without any crime. Chhidam's wrong traditional thought killed an innocent woman. This is totally unacceptable mistreatment against women.
Another story called " Haimanti" also shows mistreatment of Indian women very well. I have read many similar Korean non fiction stories when I was in Korea. Haima who grew up happily and freely under liberal widower suffered under traditional father in law's prejudice against her. Marriage was almost a necessity as a mean of support or protection. A married woman ususally took her husband's statues and lived with the family, with little resources in case of ill treatment or nonsupport. After a marriage, she had to give up her happiness and freedom that was blessed with. Haima's soul was dying slowly. I think her husband's vacillation made her life more difficult. He should've take her away from his house because he knew her soul was getting ill, but he quit after few trial. He didn't have enough courage to break traditional prejudice against women.
The story of "Letter from a wife " shows resentment and sorrow of Indian women. It also described frustration and death of Indian women. Mrinal got out of oppression and anguish in her husband's house. She left her husband's house for freedom that she always wanted. I pay ...

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