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Why It Is Important To Stop Searching For Your Passion

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Name: Kulenova Albina
Group: pkor18-17
Subject: English
Date: 22.05.2020
Teacher: Kristina Holdynska

Why is it important to stop searching for your passion?

Once in your life you have been asked the simple question from, the first sight. The question is `What are you passionate about?' And if you don't have clear-cut answer, it's okay. Because passion is not a job, a sport, or a hobby. It is a full force of your attention. If you are trying to find `the one' passion for all your life, you'll failure. What actually passion is? Passion is a feeling and feelings change. That's why you'll never find so called `the only one' passion for your life. We all know the kind of person we are, but sometimes we are wrong and our passion can be hidden from us in some unexpected way. Because it is okay not to know where you can find your love or career or passion. It is the rule of life to surprise you again and again. The simple rule that makes your life meaningful.

There are a large of plans in our life. You want to write a book; you want to start a ...

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Keywords: stop searching for your passion, why is it important to find your passion

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