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Why Is Being Able To Rebel Important?

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Rebelling is a natural part of adolescence that many teenagers go through in order to find out who they are by questioning norms and by taking a stand for what they believe in. By rebelling a teenager is able to find: what they like and dislike, who they are, what makes them happy, and what do they want to accomplish in life. When a person does not go through the rebelling stage of adolescence they do one of three things, they either(1) go through life never regretting a decision, (2) they wonder what could they have done differently or (3) rebel later in life. Those who are able to let go are the lucky few. For the others being able to rebel has made them unsure about who they are, what they want out of life and about choices they have made.
Finding out who you are is a key element in growing up. If you do not know who or what you are you may not be able to grow up -in other words you will become a child in an adults body and not go anywhere in life until you make changes. During the rebelling stage you are able to do whatever you want and get it out of your system early in life before you are thrown into the real world. Not ever going through a rebellious stage in my life I have found that today at age eighteen, while I feel grown up and mature I feel the need to act like a child, not for any particular reason except I feel twenty-five and need a way to make myself become younger than I am. If I would have rebelled I would have already found myself by experiencing life to its fullest. Not doing so I have not been able to find what makes me the happiest in life, how I think about issues that are controversial and my opinions.
Rebelling helps a person find out what they want out of life by helping the person find their voice and ...

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