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Why Do Convenient Stores Have Locks On Their Doors If They Are Always Open?

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At 1:30 in the morning you are driving down Walton Road when you pass
the 7-11. You decide to stop in and treat yourself to a nice big slurpee. As
you pull in the parking lot you notice that the sign says, "We're open 24 hr's,
7 days a week, 365 days a year." However, when you reach the door you notice
that they have locks on the doors and you think to yourself, why do convenient
stores have locks on their doors if they're going to be open 24 hours a day, 7
days a week, and 365 days a year? If they're never going to close then they
have no need for locks on the doors. This will only cause an inconvenience for
employees and customers.

The idea of adding locks onto the doors is only going to cost the store
more money. Also, it would give the managers one extra key on their already
big key chain that they really have no use for. Since they are open every
second of the year, they never need to lock the doors between shifts. When one
person's shift is over then the next person will come in and take over. It's
not like most stores where at night when the store closes they lock the doors
and go home. Then, in the morning whoever is going to be opening comes in and
unlocks the store and gets it ready for the first customers of the day. This
situation would never happen at a store that is open all the time because there
always has to be someone working.

On a rare occasion, the store might need to the lock the ...

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