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Why Are Some Countries Banning the Burkini

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Journal #2
Question: Why are some countries banning specific forms of dress, like the "burkini" and the veil? What evidence do they use to support their arguments?

The ?burkini?, a swimsuit that covers the whole body except for the face, hands and feet, has been banned in Nice, the latest French city to impose the ?burkini? ban. Burqas and burkinis have been under more scrutiny in Europe this summer than ever before. This full-body Islamic swimsuit has had its conflicts in secular France for many various reasons. One reason is the recent targeting of terrorist attacks in Europe. Some people inhabiting the French Rivera believe that this Islamic swimsuit adds attention to France, making France one of the main targets of terrorist attacks. When the Bastille Day Truck Attack occurred in the city and the later murder of a Catholic priest near the ...

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