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Why Al Gore For United States President

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Many people think that Al Gore will not make a good United States President, but have they really compared and contrasted his plans for our future? He has a lot of good ideas on how to create high quality universal healthcare for every single American. He is now working with Ted Kennedy, who is in charge of healthcare and Medicare, to help him achieve this goal.
Not only does he have a plan for seniors, but he also has all of the children in mind. Gore is putting three hundred and seventy four million dollars toward the Medicare program. Many of his opponents want to get rid of Medicare all together. Under this plan, seniors will receive the money to cover the price of their prescriptions and all children will receive affordable, high quality healthcare. He is putting one hundred and forty six dollars toward insuring all children.
Gore has come up with a plan for families in need as well. He has noticed that divorce and other factors have broken up too many family units, therefore causing problems when it comes to raising children. Many single parents are struggling to work and raise their children. Some parents can't afford childcare and healthcare for their children. In order to reduce these problems, gore has decided that he wants to put care giving, support groups in many small communities. As well as after school childcare that is high quality and low cost.
He also has some changes to make on our health insurance benefits. All children and parents will receive health insurance, small businesses will receive the same rate as the big businesses, and there will be prescription drug benefits for ...

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