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Who Started The Cold War

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Global History exam notes
Worldview: how one view the world and other people based on their culture, back round info. Based on Social, political, economics, religion and military.
Social: culture, people, events, what happens in society
Political: government, rules and laws
Economics: money, trade, how rich or poor we are
Religion: views, power, freedom or not to choose.
Military: armies, do we feel same or not
What is historiography?
This is an examination on how historians write about the past
They are influenced by their surrounding, they select and interpret sources
Primary source information
Primacy sources created at the time of the event
Published documents: books newspaper, pamphlet
Unpublished documents: letters, diaries, financial records.
Oral traditions
Visual documents :photographs
Secondary source information
Records after the event based on primary sources
When examining primary sources infoz one must consider the following
* authenticity : real historian evidences
* competency : the source of the infoz must be questions
* credibility : witness believed.
Causes the Russian revolution
Economics reasons peasant majority, food shortages
Political causes: lost in ww1, there weak, spread of Marxist idea
Social causes: huge gap between the social classes
The Romanov Family
Ruled the country for 3oo years
Nicolas 2 corrupted the gov, which lead to economic and social crisis
His wife name was Alexander
Russo Japanese war (1904-1905)
Started so that Nicolas 2 gain the ppl trust and to make him self look better especially after what happened on Jan 22, 1905 ( bloody Sunday) he sent out his people to fight against the Japanese although they were not ready, many of them died due to lack of raffles and lack of medications
This war the first time any Asian power defeated a European power.
Ppl lost confidence in the old regime.
Bloody Sunday (1905)
Occurred on Jan 22 1905 when peaceful protesters decided to be heard and speak their minds due to lack of money, working long hours under hard condition. The group of marchers marched to the palace to ask for better hours, better working condition although the czar ordered his troops to open fire at these peaceful unarmed protesters, 130 ppl were killed during that tragic event, and many were wounded. This arose the hate of the old regime and the czar.
During ww1
Nicolas was at the front to take charge
Over 2million Russian died
Not enuff medical care nor riffles for ppl to support them.
Mad Monk
Also known as the Holy man who healed people.
He was the ladies man, Rasputin healed the czar son from hemophilia and he had an affair with Alexandra while Nicolas was away.
Many ppl tried to kill him but so many attempts were failed, they tried poising him , shooting him but nothing worker eventually prince felix shot him and tied him to a carpet and threw him in the lake
He was advising Alexandra on how to rule Russia
He was not liked by the public
March revolution
People marched thru the streets saying " bread bread bread"
The czar ordered his troops to shoot at the marchers although his tropps refused
He abdicated after that and a provincial gov was set up and it lasted about 8 months until the bolshivicks took power
He hated the gov, so once he returned he adapted the Marxist idea to the Russian society. The germans helped him because they felt that he would pull out of the war. When lenin took power, Russia ...

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