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Whats normal whats a freak

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Whats normal whats a freak

Whats normal Whats a freak

I ask a question, as the title of my paper, in hopes of relaying a point. No one for sure knows what the answers to these questions are. I?m sure I don't, but I do have my own judgements as to what the answers may be. I have friends that say they are normal. But, what else would they know. I?ve been called everything from a witch to a freak; personally I?m proud to be called that. It shows that I am different from them. Everyone is different in our society. There are no definitions for either of these questions so why try and answer them. Most people believe in one main thing and that is them selves.

People say and do things that most people don't like, that prove we are all different. Yet some people say when asked if they are normal they say ?Yes.? Then asked their definition of normal and they say "themselves". I asked one such person those two questions then asked him if the guy sitting near him was normal and he responded ?Yes.? But, that struck a cord for me. I stated that he wasn't him. How could he be normal, he wasn't you? He had no good response for that. I asked other people and they answered the same way. But, you tell me what is normal and how do you come to this answer. In the past I?ve been called a freak, sometimes they even said a freak of nature. But what do they know what a freak is. Their is no such thing as a freak. Some people would say a freak that is different. But, isn't that everyone? Any one person who says that a freak is someone who is different then they just called their best friend or their parents? freaks. And no one likes to be around a freak, right in most peoples minds freaks are the metal heads, outcasts, and every single person that is different or doesn't meet their standers. We all are different, instead of scrutinizing and making fun of everyone else for being different why not look into yourselves and see what is the same between you two and see if you can see them in a different view. Take it from someone who never has had a chance in her life until this year to be herself. I tried so hard to be part of something I wasn't. I never saw who I was, because everyone around me used to make fun of me because I was a freak, I was different. Now, I don't care anymore. I?m proud to be labeled a freak, because that's me. But, you have no right to judge other people, when you don't even know them. You judge by the way they look, or how they act. That's not the real person that's just their outer appearances. They are different people once you get to talk to them. When I was in seventh grade I met someone that changed my life. They were smart and nice to be around. Everything I wanted to be. They didn't go to our school; in fact they weren't allowed to go to school. She, was one of my neighbors grandkids, I haven't told many people this because she was something I always wanted to be. She looked at people and saw who they were not what they looked like. As if by a glance she could read your soul and tell you everything about you. Don't take me wrong. It scared me, because she knew when I lied and when something was wrong. She didn't judge people. The only sin she ever committed was trying to help others. That is one reason that we shouldn't judge people. Out there in the world that we yet to explore is something some of us have never seen. To many people it's like a sin to others a gods sake, it's the truth about everyone. We are all a like in more then one way. We share something in common; we go through the same life experiences, walking, talking, and school.

Normal, freak, they?re words most of us use every day, but we don't truly know what they mean. Look at the people beside you, what would you call them? You would call them normal of course, if they?re your friends. Of course they have to be normal, if they?re your friends, you?re normal right? Not to step on any toes of any thing but are you truly normal? Now look at your self, you all know that everyone has strange out of the blue out burst sometimes. We all do, some people don't call that normal. But, what do they know? They?re freaks, right? That's how our minds work. Everyone but our friends and ourselves are freaks. No one is a freak. But, we are all normal. I was once told the definition of normal is being civilized. I?m civilized aren't I; I don't go acting like a brut and an animal. The definition of civilized is human, not walking around on all fours, eating raw meat or any things like our house pets do. Well, just Wednesday, I was called a freak for wearing black lipstick, by the way that's exercising my rights of freedom of expression, well then he made the mistake of saying that being civilized is being normal. I?m civilized, you?re civilized, we all are and yet I?m still a freak in his book because of that, but I?m civilized how can that be? I said earlier that I?m a freak and I don't care. I like being different because that's me. But, most people don't like being called freak, and other names. Not saying I like to be called those. My best friend in the world is probably the only one that I can tell everything to. Because she knows me, she doesn't care what I look like; she only cares ...

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