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What to do with alcholic paren

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What to do with alcholic paren

What to do With Alcoholic Parents!

Many kids feel that they can't do anything when a parent is an alcoholic. In fact, almost every kid who has a parent who is an alcoholic feels that there is nothing they can do. You are wrong. There are many things that you can do if you just think about the situation. If your father/mother is abusing you when he/she drinks there is much that you can do. What about if your mother/father are in denial and he/she will not listen to you when you tell them that they need counseling. There are many sides in which you can take in order to help them solve their problems.

One way people can go around a certain situation is to confront the alcoholic. By doing this you can see if they are in denial with the subject. This may cause some tension is some cases, but it is worth it to know if they are in that state or not of denial. If you do ask them and they do say, "Yes" than you should talk with him or her and see what do you think that you should do in order to stop drinking. Some people will however, get the ideas that you are trying to run their lives, and make a big scene. If you just do it with out blaming the person and allow them to answer then they will understand and be cooperative about the matter.

Another way to try and help an alcoholic is to get them into rehab or counseling. In many cases this is the best and most convenient way to help out him/her with their problem. By doing this you are realizing that the person or people have ...

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