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What Is PMS?

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PMS, premenstrual syndrome, is the name given to the disorder characterized by a set of hormonal changes that lead to disruptive emotional and physical symptoms in a significant amount of women.
The symptoms happen monthly, usually within one or two weeks before menstruation. It is estimated that there's approximately 40 million sufferers of PMS. Of that 40 million, more than 5 million require medical treatment for their behavioral and mood changes. Symptoms seem to worsen as menses (menstruation) approaches and lessens after the your period.
What PMS Is Not
Symptoms of PMS occur before the first day of a woman's period . Not all symptoms related to a women's menstrual cycle are related to PMS. Stomach cramps, upset stomach or vomiting during the first day of a woman's period are not symptoms.
What Causes PMS?

No one really knows the cause of PMS. Study suggests that PMS is most likely caused by hormonal changes that occur before each period. It is also very unclear why some symptoms have minor effects while other have major effects.

Who Experiences PMS?

It said in some evaluations that approximately 10 percent of women that are menstruating experience extreme premenstrual symptoms. PMS can happen at any time in a menstruating woman's life. It usually appears in women in their early twenties through thirties.

*PMS is reported by mostly women who-
-have had children
-had pregnancy complications (such as toxemia)
-report minor pain and cramping with periods
-eat high in sugar or salt
-don't exercise regularly
-live a high-stress life

How Can A Woman Tell If She's Experiencing PMS?

A woman knows she is experiencing PMS when their symptoms get in the way of their daily routine. Right now, researches have no tests that show the presence of PMS. That's why it's important to keep a daily calendar to record their symptoms If she discover symptoms periodically appear about one or two weeks before menses and they have no symptoms for a period after menses, then they're probably experiencing PMS. They should seek medical treatment and evaluation if the symptoms are severe.

Symptoms Of PMS

There are over 150 symptoms connected to PMS. Out of the complaints of having unnecessary crying spells, being out of control, and anxiousness, ...

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