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What is phreaking exactly

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What is phreaking exactly

This file was just to be a short set of definitions for those of you

who don't know all the phreaking terms. This was requested by a few people

on a small 312 board called The Magnetic Field Elite (312-966-0708, call,

board has potential) like The Don. But I have decided against making this

small file that is common in many places but instead to make something that

I have never seen before. Not just a common file but one of high technical

use. With a printout of this you will never need to missout on a definition

again. But that's not all. The file will discuss, indepth, the working of

each of these operations below. If you are viewing this file simply for the

sake of finding one meaning I suggest that you get the entire thing and then

never need to call and view phreak files again.

Topic 1: The Phone/Modem

Since phreaking is impossible without a phone or modem you I will

start with the most important and most complex part of phreaking. The Phone.

Now, the phone is a device that transfer sounds as sound enters a receiver,

is transfered to an amount of voltage, sent through the telephone lines and

decodes back to sound. A modem is based on a universal language of sounds

transfered through the modem. Modem stands for the work Modulator/Demodulator

This is like receiveing and sending. Now, with most modems, before connecting,

tones just are just the same as the tones that a common phone can make.

But the phone can make many tones and some have purposes that are very

useful, tones that are reserved for At&t, and thus dangerous. To go through

all the tone would be senseless and a book on tones alone could be written

(Hmm... maybe I could...) so I will not go into that.

But, assuming that you know what a box is I will explain what the odd

types of modems can do.

If you own an Apple Cat modem you may use it to generate any tone.

This is very useful. Some people are against the Cat for various. I will

remain neutral on the topic but if you have no understand then phreak the

way you see easiest and safest.

The other way is by using an acoustic modem. You may modify a phone

to make certain tones and you may make then send these tones through the

acoustic modem by placing the headset of the phone on the acoustic's couplers.

You may also attempt to make the box modfications directly to the

modem but if you error and damage the modem alot of money is wasted while you

could have used an acoustic and messed up a twenty dollar phone.

Basicaly the common phone can make 18 tones. For example, when you

press a number on the phone two tones are made together and make the signal

for the number or charater you hit. This is the entire phone to line

explantion of the phone. Now the actual internal working of the phone is

very complex and can be best under stood by getting a book from the library

on it.

Topic 2: The Calling of Numbers

When you call a local number as soon as you hit a number other than

one you the phone knows that you are calling locally. Once seven digits are

entered the numbers are sent to the nearest switching station and you call

goes out. The station determines the units per minute and start billing as

soon as the called phone answers. All calls are automaticaly one minute long.

If you hit a one as the first digit you dial the phone recignizes this as a

long distance call and sends you to either the At&t switching station or to

another long distance service if you have chose to use other than At&t.

If you are using a At&t the call goes through the long distance switch

ing station where unit per minute is determined and then it is refured to the

number you called. The call may be slowed down depending on how many times

the switching station changes between you and the place you are calling. If

it changes between ESS and X-Bar (described below) one it would go through

fast. If it changed between them 50 times it would be a very slow call going

through. Plus the sound quality may decrease but that is not a fact, just an

understanding I have come to when callign long distance with At&t.

If you are calling through any other service, such as MCI, Alnet,

Teleco, US Sprint or any of the other endless companies, then things are not

the same for long distance calls.

You call first goes to the company you call through and price of call

is determined by any of the ways a company determines price. The call then

goes out through the lines to the long distance companie's station nearest to

the number you dialed and tries to go though. If the number is too far away

from a station you may get a "The number you have dialed cannot be reached

from your calling area."

Thus, you have the basic information of how call goes out. Now to get

to phreaking and the real reason you read this file.

Topic 3: The Long Distance Company and Codes.

The way of using a different long distance company or not paying a

quarter when calling from a payphone. Using the phone card or the code.

Names for these numbers:





950 ports


Code port

(Company name) port

The above mentioned names are the phreaks lifeline. They are places

where you call and enter a code, then the area code of the place you want to

call and finally ...

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