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What is Happiness?

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Cinthia Fernandez
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What is happiness?

Happiness is a feeling someone gets inside of their body and makes the person get happy. The person wouldn't really know how to describe themselves when it would come to feeling a certain way in their body. Happiness is always the key to a better life as well as feeling happy inside your body. What I believe happiness is in my perspective is being with my family especially in our ups and downs. Happiness is a feeling no one can explain someone just feels happy and not many people could describe what their feeling. Some people could either be happy and feel happy or just not feel anything and be disappointment the whole day. The people who feel happy and are happy can't really complain about anything. Whatever crisis their going through shouldn't matter to a person because their happy and that wouldn't be a big problem in their life's. If someone poor or rich it wouldn't matter because you would be happy and it shouldn't matter. There are places in the world that are the poorest but the happiest because they have their family and that's all that matter to them. People who have less than other tend to be the happiest because they have their family. There are people in the world where they have everything they could dream of but not feel happy. People who have money don't really full fill the space in their heart ...

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