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What is an american

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What is an american

?What is an American?

What is an American? This question can not be answered by one word. There are so many different characteristics, qualities, and features that can be used to describe an American. Besides features, someone is only a real American if they take advantage of all of the many privileges that are given to them. Any person that is not grateful for the privileges that are given to them to me are not real Americans but this is only my opinion. Real Americans use their privileges to benefit themselves and everyone around them. In today's society there are certain things that are expected from American citizens, for instance being a responsible citizen.

Being responsible is a very important part of being an American. There are many rights that you are given when living in America, and with these rights you are expected to be responsible and not abuse them. One right that you shouldn't abuse is your right to vote. This is something that many of us take for granted. Having to make this choice you are expected to make the responsible decision. The only person that it would hurt if you don't take this type of thing seriously is yourself. Along with this privilege of voting on whom you want to run our country, you are then expected to take the responsibility to fight in war if ever needed. This is just a small price to pay for the right to decide of whose running the country. J Rockefeller Jr. describes this good in this quote, "I believe that every right implies a responsibility: every opportunity an obligation: every possession a duty.?

Being an individual is very important with being an American. The main purpose of America to be able to live a free and happy life. That is what makes our country great. We can express our selves however we want and not be told otherwise. Americans have the right to express there individuality by standing up for what they believe in, such as they can vote for who they think is the better man for the job. You also do not have to always agree with what the rest of the population has to say. You are aloud to have your own opinions. Ghandi says this very well with this quote ?A ?no? uttered from the deepest conviction is better and greater then a ?yes? uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.? Expressing your individually is a big part of being an American. Along with doing things that you want to do, many people like to express themselves by the cloths they wear and music that they listen to? This is a good way to express your self, but you should never dress some way just because of what one person says to you. You should always be true to yourself, that's what a real American would do.

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