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What If The World Had Only Two Faces?

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, one for women and the other for men? First of all, love would have a different emergence. On the other hand, seeing the same face over and over again would result in boredom and frustration. In addition, the confusion would be infinite, and much greater than that of today's world. Most importantly, variety would exist only in the inner qualities of individuals causing ideas and materialistic things to still exist. If men and women had one face, the world's physical appearance would be identical, bur varieties would still exist.
Instead of beginning a life with a name, it would begin with a number. Just how love usually begins with appearance, it would begin with emotional attachment. Unlike today, love would have its beginning in the inner person. 'Love at first sight' wouldn't be a proper statement because it's not the 'sight ' that matters. It's the personality of each individual that forms the bond of love. That would most probably eliminate jealousy in the world and would make today's world more peaceful. Love can have its good times and its bad. The bad moments in a relationship would cause an increase in frustration. When a couple has an argument, all they would see in the world would be their spouses' face. That can have a negative impact on people and it may cause them to become furious and possibly violent.
Seeing the same individual over and over again would probably cause the mind to become bored. That would be plain and simply tedious. Not only would each person be 'bored,' but so would the television world. What would it be like to watch a movie with each character possessing an identical face? It brings excitement to life to compare faces but in this world of two faces, it wouldn't exist. There wouldn't be different people or races. Some historical wars may have been ...

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