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What Are Brain And Spinal Tumor

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Brain and spinal cord tu mors are abnormal growths of tissue found inside the skull or the bony spinal column. Tumors are classed as benign (non cancerous) of malignant (cancerous) benign tumors cells are similar to other normal cells, grow slowly and confined to one location. Malignant tumor cells are different from normal cells, grow quickly, and spread easy to other locations. In most parts of the body benign tumors are not harmful, except when they are located in the brain and spinal cord. Any abnormal growth in this area can place pressure on sensitive tissue and impair function; ex: a benign tumor growing next to an important blood vessel in the brain does not have to grow very large before it can block blood flow.
In a small number of individuals, tumors may result from specific genetic diseases,or exposure to radiation or cancer causing chemicals. Smoking, alcohol consumption, and certain dietary habits are associated with some types of cancer, they have not been linked to brain and spinal tumors. The cause of most brain and spinal cord tumors remains a mystery. Scientists do not know exactly why cells in the nervous system or elsewhere in the body lose their normal identity such as (nerves, blood, or skin) grow uncontrollably. Possible causes under investigation include viruses, defective genes, and chemicals.
Metastatic tumors occur when the cancer cells break from tumors in other parts of the body, travel throw the blood stream, hook up to other tissues and make new tumors inside the brain and spinal cord. The top two culprits that lead to metastatic tumors in the spinal cord and brain are lung and breast cancer. Brain and spinal cord tumors are not contagious or, at this time, preventable.


Research studies suggest that new brain tumors arise in more than forty thousand Americans each year. Brain tumors are most common among middle-aged and older adults. People in their sixties are the highest risk. Each year, one of every five thousand people in this age group develops a brain tumor. Spinal cord tumors are less common than brain tumors, about ten thousand Americans develop spinal cord tumor each year. They are most common in young and middle-age adults.


Brain and spinal cord tumors cause many divers symptoms which can make detection tricky. Whatever symptoms a patient has it generally develops slowly and worse ...

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