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By Pierce Tedesco

What's up My speech is welding.

Why choose welding as a career?

Welding takes alot of effort and is a good skill to learn. Welders are not confined to one country or one industry; welders travel the world and work on jet engines, building bridges, working on the rigs and fabricating equipment in materials such as titanium. Plus you can sit on your butt most of the time and earn thousands of dollars a week for occasionally welding things. You can also travel the world to the company's expense and all you have to do is weld in your free time you can go and spend that months wage off in that country such as Paris, Italy, Spain or even America.

You could even become an underwater welder and while your welding watch some of the country's marine life and explore some of the country's ocean such as the coral and plants. you can feel relaxed as well welding only takes one person so it can be a time to relax and not have to think about anything except what you're doing of corse.

What is welding?

Well for those who don't know welding is a method of providing a very high strength joint between ...

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