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Week 24 B Catholic Homily

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There is one very important word that relates to all of us in today's readings. This word I would like to talk about is discrimination. It is included in each of today's readings. When we think of this word we may think of it's negative meaning which is treating people differently because of their sex or race. *(see below)'s=discriminate An example of this is of course is Adolf Hitler and the discrimination against the Jews in Europe during the early 1900s. But there is another meaning which is somewhat positive. It is the discrimination towards excellence. **(Stevenson) To limit things for the greater good. An example of this is to discriminate against the bad decisions and choose the right one. There are many things from this week's readings that we can learn and insert into our daily lives to make us better Christians.

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking in the halls between classes at school and my friend came up to me and told me the good grade that he got on his math test. He had told me not to tell anyone but I didn't understand why. Was he shy or uncomfortable with people knowing what he got on it? This happens in this week's readings in the gospel. Jesus touches the deaf man's ear then spits in his hand and touches the man's tongue. He is then ...

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