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Was replacing George III with Washington a fundamental change, or was it just changing seats of power?

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Was replacing George III with Washington a fundamental change, or was it just changing seats of power?

- As they want to punish Massachusetts for rights of self government, other colonies reacted by calling conventions, called "Congresses", (Prevential Congresses), and these were usually self appointed/elected conventions of local leaders. They would come together and ponder ways of how they would conquer the support of Massachusetts.
_ Surround Governor's palace/mansion, and forced
- Gage thought he could defeat the whole thing (of Congressional meetings) in one night, and Congress leaders were forewarned and they were able to escape.
- British: Wanted to disturb the Indians.
- With all that in mind, the atmosphere was very rough
_ Thomas Paine: Radical who wanted political change in Great Britain, and left for America.
_ Just arrived, and wrote a pamphlet which was published in winter/Jan of 1776, which crystallized popular opinion of colonial independence. The pamphlet was called "Common Sense"
_ Up until this point, the conventional problem was: The British empire was great, it was just the crown that they have the problem with.
' "What we want is to rule ourselves while revering the king. The king was our only tie back to our own homeland'"
' What Paine did was that he attacked that last link. He said that the kinship was not our last bond. It's actually the root of the problem .The problem is that we are a monarchy, period. And Monarchy is always bad.
_ You don't get rich by getting powerful, you ...

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