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Waiting at the funeral party

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Waiting at the funeral party

As we grow older the one thing we must learn to accept is we all die. After coming to this realization we set up an ornate burial ritual; to say our final good-byes to the person we loved and will eventually join. People come to the ceremony to mourn the loss. As the ceremony progresses the mourners find themselves thinking of may things. Some people may be thinking of good times they had with the person in the casket, while others may be thinking how unfair the death really was. Despite what everyone is thinking the one thing prevalent in all their minds is they are all in that room waiting to be the one in the casket. While in this morbid waiting room things such as: physically visible emotion, age, and the relationship between living and recently dead can all give clues to what the mourner is thinking.

No one is ever consistent in what they are thinking. In the situation of a funeral there are four main thoughts (among others) that cross the minds of those in attendance. First they think, ?Why did this happen?? Then they think, ?How quickly will it be my turn?? Soon they start to remember the good times. Then their minds will wonder to things they have to do later. What they think and where they start is often determined by the relationship they had with the deceased.

The question of why is most often the first, if not the only question to the minds of close friends and relatives. These friends and family members can be males or females of any age. Their heavy sobbing and heaving while they avoid looking at the casket can make them noticeable.

When will it be my turn; is often the first question to the minds of some friends of the family. The thoughts of this matter can very with the age of the deceased. When the deceased is young, the mourner will find the question mixed ...

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