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is one of the many coercive paraphilias, which means that it involves victimization or the absence of consent. is seeking sexual pleasure by secretly observing another. Another name for the behavior is 'peeping' or 'peeping Tom'. The activity brings on sexual excitement.
Many people will take advantage of peeking at nudity or sexual activity especially if they rarely have such opportunity. Erotic films and videotapes provide a safe opportunity to experience this for millions of men and women, but they don't need this stimulation to become sexually aroused or to have an orgasm, while voyeurs must peep to perform sexually later.
Some voyeurs masturbate while they are spying, with or without reaching an orgasm; others do not even have an erection. All of them, however, tend to 'relive' their peeping later, alone or with a partner, relaying it in the imagination like a videotape. This is the only way they are able to get an erection and reach an orgasm.
This paraphilia can affect both females and males, but it is primary a male disorder. Scientists know very little about paraphilia in general. can begin in late childhood or adolescence and continue throughout adult life. Intensity and occurrence of the paraphilia is variable, and it usually decreases as people get older. It might be related to hormonal or development factors that influence brain development before birth. does not emerge until later in life.

Regardless of how society looks at the 'odd' behavior, the crucial points are: The person did not voluntarily 'choose' the behavior; punishment doe not prevent recurrence ...

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