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Voice recognition software

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Voice recognition software

Voice recognition software systems are getting a lot closer in meeting goals of people with dictation needs. Voice recognition systems today can be used by anyone of any profession, unlike old voice recognition software where only certain professions like doctors, could use them. Several companies have came out with products that have changed voice recognition software.

A breakthrough software and the first truely continuous speech general purpose , large vocabulary voice recognition system is the Dragon NaturallySpeaking system. Dragon gives you fast performance with high accuracy. You can compose e-mail messages, create reports, draft letters, and edit proposals by just speaking to your computer. This software can used by almost anyone. This program accepts speech of 160 words per minute at a high 90% range.

Training time for Dragon Software takes about twenty to forty minutes to train the system to your voice. After a couple of hours you're able to dicate 65 to 120 words per minute. As of right now Dragon NaturallySpeaking cost anywhere from $349-$199. System requirements include: 133 MHz Pentium Processor, IBM-compatible PC, Window 95, NT 3.51 or 4.0, SoundBlaster 16 sound card, 60 MB.

In later editions of Dragon software they plan to have a multiuser suport and better command and control. Another feature Dragon plans to come out with is different language software. Some features that come with Dragon NaturallySpeaking are you don't have to pause in between words, dialects, accents and individual pronunciations are quickly and automatically, a large 30,000 word active vocabulary contains words and names that cover awide range of subject, less commons words can be quickly retrieved from a 200,000+ word back-up dictionary, new words can be added by the Vocabulary Builder tool and can be added simply by saying them and spelling them once.

Dragon has some other voice recognition softwares like DragonDictate wich is almost like NaturallySpeaking but a little less complicated. DragonDictate you can create numerous documents without using the keyboard all at lower cost than Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

IBM wanted came out with some sucessful speech recognition software like IBM MedSpeak/Radiology and ViaVoice. IBM MedSpeak is compatible with large hospital mainframes as well as well with stand alone diagnostic centers.

IBM wanted to come out with a software to compete against Dragon NaturallySpeaking, so they came up with ViaVoice. ViaVoice has some of the same features of ...

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