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Violent Crimes By Juveniles

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In today's society we have seen the rate of juvenile crimes soar to heights we have never seen before. Juveniles are committing murder, stealing, car jacking, and other crimes one would think a juvenile cannot even think of committing. The reasons are so many that one can only try to narrow them down.
The most obvious reason is that more and more juveniles are forgetting what the word respect means and who they should respect. There is absolutely no respect for the law, parents, or anyone in authority. I believe this is because the parents do not discipline their children at a young age and instead try to discipline their children when it is too late which causes them to rebel. Children should grow up to fear their parents because of the consequences behind doing something wrong. That type of discipline carries on to fear any consequence, criminal or not.
Another reasons why crime among juveniles has gone up is the things children watch on Television. Although Television should be monitored, children still find a way to work their imagination by watching. All the trash that is seen on TV takes its toll on the minds of juveniles and causes them to want to be like everything they see on TV. For example, children watch Power Rangers and turn around and try to do the Karate they see on anyone they can. They feel they are doing no wrong since the characters on TV are being praised for doing it. The violence on a simple show like Power Rangers can have a great effect on children. When you get into shows with guns and killing, that totally expands a child's mind to new ways of getting rid of their problems. Television teaches children how to get rid of their problems, but not in the correct manner. Children should go back to communicating their problems to their parents and have their parents teach the resolution.

Drugs also play a big part in the criminal activity of juveniles. Drugs seem to be so easy for juveniles to get, yet we forget that money is needed to buy drugs. When a shortage of money occurs it seems that more criminal activity occurs. Juveniles decide to steal things so that the can sell them and make money. These crime differ from car jacking, mugging people, and even robbing banks. As they say, 'Desperate times call for desperate measures.' These 'desperate measures' may or may not be worth it, but always bring about trouble.

As dumb as these crimes seem to be, the criminals mental state is always in question. Children in todays society do not know how to control their temper and 'flip their lids' too easily. Two children in ...

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