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Views on Slavery

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Views on Slavery

There are many perceptions as to how people view slavery. When people talk about slavery, the first thing that comes to their mind will be African American Slaves in the United States. They will also think of how they were brought to the United States against their own will and unequally exploited. However, according to Stephen F. Austin, during the eighteen-twenty's and thirty's Mexicans also had slaves. He compares American Slaves and Cruz Arocha as a Mexican Slave. Although there are many differences between Cruz Arocha and the American slaves, especially in the ways they are treated.

First of all Americans brought their slaves to the United States chained up and against their own will. They would fit over one hundred of them in small rooms in ships for a trip across the Atlantic Ocean, with out giving them an adequate supply of food and water to live off of. According to the book, Out of Many second edition, they were stowed so close that they were not allowed one foot and a half in each breadth. Although most of the slaves died on the trip and were thrown over board, those that did survive were the best equipped for the harsh conditions awaiting them. The trip itself got rid of all the slaves that would not last long in harsh conditions. Those that survived were what the Americans needed. Upon arrival in the United States the slaves would se either sold or traded for goods, land or other slaves. They were always chained up when they were not working and when they were, there was always someone watching over them with a gun and a whip. Slaves who did not obey their masters were whipped. According to the book even the most broad-minded plantation owners of the eighteenth century thought nothing about floggings of fifty or seventy slashes. Mexicans viewed slavery as having people mistreated and never treated as equals. Not showing any type of moral value towards a real person.

Mexicans on the other hand had what Stephen F. Austin called slaves helping them out in anything needed. Even though these so-called slaves were not chained up and whipped like American slaves, they were still slaves to Austin. This was ...

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