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Victoria's Secret Vs Gap

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There is no doubt that Victoria's Secret has done extremely well in the lingerie market. Gap has established a strong name in the field of clothing in women's and men's casual dress. Gap is now discussing opening what will become GapBody. A branch from their other stores that will carry lingerie, a store similar to that of Victoria's Secret. In order for Gap to really compete with Victoria's Secret it is essential that they find the right market to sell to.
Gap has established a great reputation in the clothing business for the younger generation. It is well known that Gap caters to the middle class customer. This is their market, it is essential that they maintain this same class of customers when they create GapBody. Victoria's Secret found their market in the sexiest lingerie possible. It will be dangerous for GapBody to try and compete with that same market, seeing how it is a limited market as well. It is clear that sex is everywhere, everywhere on television and movies, sex is now becoming more socially acceptable then ever.
Gap has established a tremendous relationship market with its customers. Shoppers are turning away from the department stores and shopping at specialty shops. Shops such as the Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, Structure and others. Shops that get more personal with the customer and have more selection than department stores. It is essential that GapBody delights the customer as they have in the past. Seeing how Customers are staying away from department stores so that they get personal treatment it is important that GapBody offers different variations of lingerie than Victoria's Secret, so it reaches not only the same ...

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