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Victor Frankenstein And His Use Of Science

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Every spring there is a plethora of new animate beings. Creation
is a yearly event for most animals. There are countless children born each
day. All living beings procreate. Victor Frankenstein was a scientist,
and the goal of science is to discover new information, and Victor
Frankenstein was simply being a scientist and creating new information.
When Victor Frankenstein created his monster, it could be compared
to genetic engineering or cloning of today. Scientists are trying to re-
create life from another exact life form through cloning. They are trying
to make the creation of life better and humans that are better quality,
without disease or deformity through genetic engineering.
Since the beginning of time humans have been obsessed with the idea
of where life comes from, and how it is created. Charles Darwin originated
the idea of evolution. Another theory that is used to explain the origin
of life is the big bang theory that states that life was created from a
cosmic explosion. Yet another theory on the origination of life is the
existence of God and that God created the earth and all of the life on
Victor Frankenstein is exactly like the scientists of today.
Victor Frankenstein is trying to make a human being from other, deceased
human beings, this could be compared to cloning today, making one creature
from another. The possibility, or theory of genetic engineering can
guarantee that humans would be without deformity, affliction or frailty.
Victor Frankenstein may not have chosen parts for his monster, or human
that were necessarily beautiful, but Victor Frankenstein tried to make his
product as earthborn as possible.
Victor Frankenstein was simply doing the same thing that scientists
have always been trying to do. Victor Frankenstein is trying to be like
Charles Darwin and explain where life comes from. According to Victor
Frankenstein, life can come from the appendages of other human beings.
With his creation Victor Frankenstein disproves the idea of a celestial
"A new species would bless me as its creator and source; Many happy
and excellent natures would owe their being to me." This statement, said
by Victor Frankenstein himself, could, in theory, disprove all that has
been said thus far. But, it can also be taken another way. Victor
Frankenstein is saying that he will be exalted for creating the monster, an
avant-garde way of creating a human. But are ...

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