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Venus Flytrap

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Venus flytrap

What does it eat?

Flies and other flying insects supplement its nutrition from the soil on which it lives. Sometimes if there is a large Venus Flytrap it will eat a small frog or toad. The Venus flytrap lives on soils that are poor in nutrients, and in particular nitrogen compounds, such as nitrates, that the roots can absorb. The insect "diet" provides additional nitrogen, enabling the plant to grow in places where it might not otherwise survive. To read more about Venus flytraps, visit the Related Link. Any type of small beetle or fly or bugs really. It will eat anything that fits inside it. It's in the name - flies! You could feed a Venus flytrap flies, water and hamburger meat. You can feed Venus fly traps quite a lot of things, flies (obviously, that's why it is called what it is), spiders and many other things, such as small bits of raw hamburger. You can put it by a window egg in your bathroom. I have found that it loves it there because it has fresh, live flies from the window! It's also a good idea to have a little bowl with about 2-4 mm of water in it. (Not tap water)You can also feed it by putting the fly/spider into the trap or you can let it catch the food all by itself. You shouldn't make it close with nothing in it very often, or it will get tired and die. So if you don't do that, your Venus fly trap will live a long time! Good luck! You can feed them any bug, but it will also eat small (live) frogs or toads. ...

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