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Vancouver international airpor

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Vancouver international airpor

Vancouver is home to one of the largest, most lavish airports in North America. There are flights coming in and out of the airport on a daily basis. The noise pollution emitted from airplanes causes major distractions to those who reside in that area and also decreases property value. "Excessive exposure to noise has been found to cause fatigue, headaches, and discomfort in some individuals, even if the noise is not loud enough to cause actual pain." [Collier's Encyclopaedia, volume 17, pg.579] With a runway recently installed at the airport, it is very difficult to abate the amount of noise that surrounding residents must put up with. I believe that the noise pollution at the Vancouver International Airport has reached a point where it is too difficult to control and the living conditions of the surrounding residents near the airport will suffer as a result.

Several solutions have been brought upon to tone down the large amounts of noise that originate from aeroplanes. The solutions range from redesigning engines to installing mufflers on existing aeroplane engines and machinery. Unfortunately, these solutions are too expensive for any one company to implement. For example, if a company applied these measures and another did not, the company that did apply the measures would be put at a great financial disadvantage. Therefore, citizens living near the airport remain exposed to the large amounts of noise.

Physical damage to one's property is another common characteristic that originates from noise pollution. Damage to homes makes it unpleasant for prospective homebuyers and thus drives down the value of the property. Soundproofing one's home may seem to be a viable option; however, the cost is ...

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Vancouver international airpor

Vancouver is home to one of the largest, most lavish airports in North America. There are flights coming in and out of the airport on a daily basis. The noise pollution emitted from airplanes causes major distractions to those who reside in that area and also decreases property value. "Excessive exposure to noise has been found to cause fatigue...

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