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Social Issues

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Three important that I hold, are hard work, family, and friendship.
These are that I think will make life better and easier for a person.
They make me feel secure and prepared for the future. Without these things I
probably wouldn't care about anything at all.
My values were all influenced by my parents. The only one that I had to
figure out mostly by myself, was to work as hard as I could. Hard work is
something that I had to do in order to prove to myself that I was smart enough.
It probably controls most of my life. I need to do everything right and get
perfect grades to be satisfied, and so I'm always working as hard as I can. It
sounds like a bad thing, but the hard work almost always pays off.
Family is a value that my father taught me. He told me that family is
the most important thing in life. Your family will always be there when you
need them, and will love you no matter what you do. This ...

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