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What would the world be like if man's common struggles never existed? It could be a world full of happiness and peace with out a need to ever worry. Each person would have the freedom to express themselves with out being afraid. Each human would be provided with a suitable mate instead of having to go through life alone. The word, peer pressure would be unheard of, and the idea of killing would never be thought of. A person would not be able to hide their true self behind a mask. Monsters and ghosts would not be able to haunt people, for they would not exist. However, the smart would be praised, and any race, religion or age would be accepted. Life would be simple and enjoyable. These ideas are all brought up in many novels of our time. By incorporating different author's ideas and our own, one could create their own perfect world-their utopia.
In every situation there is almost always two different approaches. Everyone sees the situation differently. However, to come up with the right solution, one needs to hear the opinions of others. But what if that chance to think was taken away, or else consequences would follow enforced by a 'police.' That is the situation in, 1984, where everyone's thoughts were controlled providing them with no independent nature, but rather allowing them to be brainwashed. In the new utopia, everyone will be given the chance to think through their own minds, and not through other's.
Another problem which occurs inside all humans, is the worry that they will go through life alone without being able to find the perfect mate. This was the case in, Frankenstein, where the monster was very depressed because he was always so lonely. He was not able to pick any woman for all the women were different than he was. In the new utopia, everyone will be provided with a mate that matches perfectly with them, and will never have to be lonely.
An idea that makes everyone nervous is the idea of peer pressure. In many places one may find a person doing something not because that is what he wants, but rather that is what his friends want. Peer pressure is what caused the fateful end in, Shooting an Elephant. When the boy was given the option to kill the elephant or let it free, he chose what his friends wanted him to do not what he wanted. In the new utopia, this will never happen for the idea of peer pressure will be unheard of.
One thing that one should never have to be afraid of, is that someone is coming out to kill them. In today's society too many deaths are the result of murder. It is sad, but to them murder seems like the only option. This idea appears in Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, where Mr. Hyde is the appidomy of evil. He kill a little girl in the beginning of the book for no apparent reason. Someone like Mr. Hyde and his idea of killing, would not be in the new utopia, for evil and killing would not be thought of.
One of the worst traits to have, is to pretend to be something that you are not. For the one you are really deceiving is yourself, and that is true evil. These type of people are shown in, The Chaucer- the Prologue . It is very ironic, for all the people are the total opposite of what they should be. For example, the doctor who is supposed to be very trustworthy and caring, was prescribing unnecessary drugs just for the money. Therefore, people who choose to hide their true identity behind a mask will not be present in the new utopia.
One rule that parents always tell their children is to never be selfish. Although children can not always follow it, some cases are more extreme than others. That is the case in The Lagoon, where a boy lets his own brother left to die to go chase after women. In the new world, no one would be allowed to be selfish. ...

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