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Utopian Communes

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Utopian Communes

By: Mike Kerbe

Mike Kerbe U.S. History to 1876 Professor Giaimis October 8, 1999 History of the Amana Communes With the new foundland of north America, Europeans saw a chance to apply their hopes and dreams of a perfect Utopian society. They saw an oppertunity to raise communities of so called 'utopian societies' that they could not create in their already ruled land of Europe. While there would be Utopian experiments is Europe -like the Paris commune and the Fourierist Planxes, it would only be in America where the European divines would apply their Utopian ideals with such effort. The socialism of these early communities was the kind that Marx, rightly or wrongly, would brand as 'utopian,' suggesting that it was idealistic and impractical. Rather than seeking to create an ideal government or reform the world, the members of these communal groups withdrew form the sinful, corrupt world to work their miracles in microcosm, actually hoping to imitate the elect state of affairs that existed among the Apostles, who were said to hold all things in common. The most interesting point of these communal groups to me might be the overall backing of their desire to create a community. It seems some of the communal groups, such as the Amana, were only created out of feelings of guilt and hope for redemption. From Oveds book, two hundred years of American Communes, he describes the Amana as seeing their community as an island of redemption in a world awash with temptation, sin and avarice; the Elect could come and perfect themselves, if they were prepared to heed the Lord's call to chastity, poverty, simplicity, hard work, purity, and brotherly love. 1 Although they sought redemption, the main driving force behind the Amana was that they sought religious freedom. Unhappy with their religious rights and flixability in Germany, the Amanas left ifn 1842, settling ...

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