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U.S. History Mid Term Review

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American History

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Mid-Term Review
Dawes Act:

Forced Native Americans to conform as Americans
They would only be considered a citizens if they weren't part of a tribe
It's forcing them to assimilate.
They were forced to own land
Had to follow all American laws

William Jennings Bryan and Bimetallism

Nominated by Democratic in 1896 Presidental Election
Backed bi-Bryan
At Democratic Convention he gave "cross of gold" speech- said by not adding silver to U.S currency, the government was making the people suffer as Jesus Christ on the cross (with throns upon his head)
Republic William Machinery won the 1896 election and it was the end of populism and bi-metallism

Chinese Exclusion Act

Limited number of Chinese immigrants to the U.S. (1882-1943)

Goal of the Populist Party:

Greenbacks-paper money; printing more paper ...

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