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U.S. Foreign Policy, late 1800s

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U.S. Foreign Policy, late 1800s

This nation, from its inception had a lust for real estate.

From the original chants of "manifest destiny" to the calls for the

annexation of Indian territories our nation has been driven to acquire

land. In this country's youth land was needed for economic expansion.

However, by the end of the 19th century the entire continental United

States was in our possession and the citizenry of this country turned

their eyes out to sea. the United States no longer sought new lands to

farm and work nor did they need new areas for their geological

resources, the motives had changed. the United States was now driven

by the temptations of world power and political one-ups-manship. the

self-absorbed citizenry looked upon their intrusion into foreign areas

as a moral obligation; to spread the words of democracy and Christ

throughout the world. the Spanish - American War in the final years of

the 19th century perfectly demonstrate this "new" Imperialism. In

addition the American intrusion into Chinese affairs during the Boxer

rebellion is also a proof for the new motives which governed our

international attitude.

By the end of the 19th century Spanish forces in Cuba were in

all out battle with nationalist rebels. the Spanish army had tortured

and killed thousands of innocent Cubans in their efforts to maintain

control of Cuba. the American "Yellow Press" under the leadership of

Pulitzer and others wrote horrific articles about the war in Cuba and

called for the imposition of the United States into the matter under

the flag of moral obligation. President McKinley and his war hungry

Congress saw this as a perfect opportunity to have a "nice little war"

and bolster the status of the United States in the international

community. the war with Spain also gave McKinley am excuse to invade

the Spanish ...

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