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Upon The Burning Of Our House July 10th, 1666

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Throughout life people dwell on the fact that material things are all that matter in this superficial world. Yet, there are a few people, scattered throughout our over populated universe, that think our lives lead to a better world up above. It is expressed quite clearly that Anne Bradstreet doesn't dwell on these unimportant matters for long in her poem '.' She shows that life is like a burning flame; although it destroy much in its path, life and growth can come from its beautiful flames.
Bradstreet sums up the meaning of her life in a simple six line, nine stanza poem. To write such a meaningful poem in iambic tetrameter, with rhymes in couplets show Bradstreets ability to make everything flow with simplicity and meaning. She starts the poem out with a sad depressing tone and at her volta, 'And did thy wealth on earth abide'(ln 38) switches to a tone full of hope and faith.
In Bradstreet's first stanza she speaks of how she went to bed and regrets of not looking more clearly before 'rest she took'(ln 1). She is awaken by shrieks of fire that is not aroused by any man. As she sees the light of the fire at the beginning of stanza two, she comes to a sharp realization about what is happening and says a quick prayer to God to save her comfort, and what, at the time, she considers her 'life'. As she leaves her house in stanza three, taking one last look she realizes that all that was giving to her from God and now he takes what belongs to him. Stanza four and five show how she does treasure the material things, as does most people. Her thoughts and feelings expressed in these two stanzas show how ...

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