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Unrelated Men in Households and Children Fatalities or Abuse

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Unrelated Men in Households and Children Fatalities or Abuse

A recent event brings attentions to a problem in our society, and that is the risk associated with substitute male figures in a child's home. The situation is played out across the country everyday, boyfriends of a child's mother abusing them or worse yet killing them. Why is there so much strain in these situations, and why do so many of these situations end with a child's death? The answer can only be found in the study of the people involved, the environment in which these stories occur, and the factors involved.

Every story has some tie of similarity when you start examining each of them. The boyfriend often times wishes the child not be involved in their lives, resulting in the poor treatment, and often times abuse of the child. The mother in these situations may or may not be aware of the abuse, and sometimes may not be able to do anything about the abuse. Controlling behaviors keep the women from leaving, and from the start of the relationship, it is already headed to a gruesome dead end.

Society is able to recognize many of the traits associated with abusive men. Some have difficulty holding down a job due to irresponsible or destructive behaviors. Some are involved with drugs and are consistently in trouble with the law. On the other hand, ...

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