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For as far as the eye could see, a stampede of people from all walks of life bustled around like wild-eyed cattle. It had become seemingly obvious from the hive-like activity, that this was a very hectic day. Up above, the common grey-blue-tinged sky was speckled with white clouds, as it shrouded the heart of London with a cold and heavy blanket. But despite the weather, the soul-healing floral scent of spring twirled and pranced through the jam-packed crowd. Sky-high, elegant buildings towered over the swarming army of people like the colossal trees of the Amazon. A gentle breeze blew across the tired faces, like a melodic wave caressing grains of sand on an open beach. A wild combination of sounds emerged from the broad body of people littering the animated city street. Huddled in a corner, a handful of women wrapped up in woolen scarves were giggling sonorously like lovesick teenagers.

Chaotic noises fill the inside; the quick-paced footsteps of travelers searching for their train and the frantic voice of the tannoy alerting people where to go. Amongst the myriad of confused people, there stands a frail old lady, her ...

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