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Television viewing is a very important part of our student's lives. There is a big issue on whether it should be allowed in our public schools. It should be allowed to some extent, all depending on the age group. I think age is very important when it comes to viewing TV in school. The students should be divided into three age groups: young, teen and adults. These age groups can help us distinguish what kind of viewing will be allowed, if any.
can be a very good learning experience for young students depending on the viewing material. Young children tend to copy most of what they see on TV because of that fact we must be very careful with the viewing material. The young kids should be limited to educational films only. Any other type of should be done at home at explained by the parent.
Teens are more mature, therefore their should be decreased because of the fact that at that age they need to learn more about life and what goes on around them. The best way to do that is through life experience not through TV. For example ...

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