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Tinker Vs. Des Moines

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My representation is the defense of Des Moines, Iowa.
1. On a cold, brisk December morning in 1965 five students, and their
parents of Des Moines high school made an extremely poor decision by
wearing dark, filthy black, inappropriate material representing non-
existent peace in a thriving nation. Earlier that week the principal of the
high school warned the students and the parents that the armbands would
create a nuisance and disrupt the learning environment making the
educational atmosphere discontent. They wore the armbands anyway and when
they refused to take off the bands they were merely suspended as punishment
which is still thought of today as appropriate response to direct refusal
to obey school rules. Parents of one of the students, MaryBeth. The
Tinker's disputed the suspension of MaryBeth and her brother, John, and
took their case all the way to the Supreme Court.

2. The Tinker's accused the school district of violating MaryBeth's rights
as stated in the first and fourteenth amendments. These abrupt accusations
were not just and should not have even ...

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