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They Cage The Animals At Night

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Mark, Jerome, and Sal were some of the people Jennings knew during this time that influenced him most. Mark influences Jennings in two ways. Mark tells Jennings that ?There are no friends in here.? (p.24) Marks explains to Jennings ?Well it's a rule. Not a home rule like when to sit or when to eat, or like that, but it's a kid s? rule.? He paused. ?It's like this. If you got a friend in here and they go away someplace, then you?re left by yourself, alone. And if you keep making friends and they keep going away, then over and over again you?re alone.? ?It hurts.? Mark is kind to Jennings and helps him learn the rules. Mark is an inspiration to Jennings because he is a lifer and he knows how to make it in the orphanages. Mark influences Jennings by showing him that kids in orphanages shouldn't make close friend because it hurts too much, also he teaches him the rules. Another, person who inspires Jennings is Jerome. Jerome inspires Jennings when he teaches him about what makes a true brother it's not just the last name. Jennings tells Mark ?Jerome once told me just having the same last name didn't make two people brothers. He said it's what you feel inside about someone that makes you brothers, not the last name.? (p.219) Jerome's wisdom inspired Jennings to talk to Mark about his feelings. Finally, Sal influences Jennings through most of the novel. Sal is the most important person in Jennings life. He gives Jennings the inspirations to be a good young man. ?Sal told me he was very proud of me for not holding a ...

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