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In Greek mythology, can truely be thought of as the greatest
Athenian hero. He was the son of Aegeus, king of Athens, and Aethra, princess
of Troezen, and daughter of Pittheus, king of Troezen.
Before Theseus was born his father Aegeus left Aethra in Troezen of
Argolis and returned to Athens before he was born. But before he left king
Aegeus put his sword and his pair of sandals under a large rock and said to
Aethra that when Theseus was old enough to lift the heavy rock that Theseus
should take the sword and sandals and come to see him in Athens.
At the age of 16 after being brought up in Troezen, Theseus was finally
able to lift the heavy rock. Theseus with his long blond hair then took the
sword and the sandals and began his journey to Athens to claim Aegeus as his
father. The young Theseus made his hazardous journey by the coast road along
the Isthmus, clearing the road of six villains, murderers, and monsters which
inhabited the road. Theseus killed these villains by the same method by which
they had murdered their own victims. Among the villains that Theseus killed,
were Sciron, Sinis, Procrustes and Phaea.
Theseus arrived in Athens wearing a sword and a pair of sandals that
Aegeus had left for him in Troezen. He was then greeted by his father Aegeus
and his stepmother Medea who was a sorceress. But she was jealous of his
influence over Aegeus so Medea tried to kill him by sending him to kill a wild
bull. But Theseus succeeded and sacrificed the bull to Apollo. He then returned
to Athens and was almost poisoned by Medea, but as soon as Aegeus got wind of
her plot, he proclaimed Theseus his son and heir to the thrown and banished
Medea from Athens and she escaped to what is now Asia.
According to legend, the people of Athens had to send seven youths ...

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