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The main ideas from Thermopylae are that Thermopylae was a pass the Hellenes tried to defend from the Persians also known as the Peloponnesians, which were led by Xerxes. The Hellenes started to become afraid and started to talk about a retreat but Lakedaimonian Leonidas, their king, became angry and sent for backup since there was not enough to fight off the Persians. Xerxes, the king of the Persians also sent a scout to spy on the Hellenes and so how many there were. He did not know if these men were serious for battle or not. A traitor showed the Persians a route around the pass to the Hellenes, and when the Hellenes heard they were coming closer they became more fearful. It was not clear which was true, the translator mentioned that the Hellenes held council and many divided on staying and leaving. ...

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