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The Treaty Of Versailles And The League Of Nations

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The Treaty of Versailles was thought of to be good and bad. I feel that the treaty was a good affair for many different reasons. It had many positive affects on the world. The League of Nations was also an event that helped many troubled countries.
I feel that the Treaty of Versailles was good because it helped the world recover from and end World War I. A country that was hurt by this treaty was Germany. They had no choice but to sign the treaty. It was very harsh on them, they had to give up alot of what they owned to other nations,they had to pay for some of the war damages and they had to take the blame for the war. I think this was good because the hurt nations were helped out alittle by receiving either land or money from Germany and also Germany deserved to be punished for what they did to the other nations during the war. Germany needed to be punished because they destroyed many countries and they would have kept hurting them if the treaty did not stop them. They did this to Germany because it was only humanitary to the other nations that were destroyed. The impact of this treaty was good for the allied nations. President Woodrow Wilson played an important role in drafting the treaty. I feel that he did a good job in seeing that the treaty was carried out and that everyone that agreed to it followed it. The treaty was also good because it helped to end World War I. I think if they did not have the treaty then Germany would have done more damage and countries that did not even cause the damage would have been paying for it and many more lives could have been lost.
The League of Nations was also good because it helped out the nations that were ...

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