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The Transition Of Religion And Superstition To Science And Technology In The Middle Ages

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The Transition of Religion and Superstition to Science and Technology in the
The main purpose of this research paper is to describe the
transition of religion and superstition to science and technology during
the Middle Ages.
According to philosophy, the Middle Ages were divided into two
distinct eras: The Age of Superstition and The Age of Enlightenment. These
two periods were not separated by a definite date and time, but rather many
years of gradual realization and awareness. This kind of perception is what
creates history.
For hundreds of years, people who lived during the early Middle
Ages had been using religion as a gateway to explain their most simplistic
questions. During that period, the Church was gaining control over Western
Europe. The Church was not only the main religious focus of Western Europe;
it was also the central government. 'The Romans never took much interest in
theoretical science.' This means that all laws created by the church would
be enforced to full extent. Disobeying the rules could result in
excommunication, which is the banishment from church membership and from
participating in any church rituals. Those who were members of the Church
believed strongly in the powers of God and the Holy Ghost. It was thought
that God controlled the entire universe, from life to death, from the
Creation to Doomsday.
At this point in time, the earth was the center of the universe,
with all of planets and stars surrounding it. This belief, originated from
the Church, was called the heliocentric theory. However, as in every
civilization, there were small groups of people who refused to believe what
the Church was telling them. The Church was not necessarily telling them
lies; they were simply dominating religion over common reason and
Clearly, an age that takes its name from an intellectual atmosphere
cannot be fixed within rigid chronological limits. 'In ...

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